2017 LA Event Recap

January 29. 2017 Member Mixer

Great Member Mixer !!
On Sunday, January 29, 40 members gathered at the home of Roberta Kantola for a fun evening of food, drink, games and camaraderie. For a few minutes it was hard to recognize each other without our golf gear, so the name tags helped! Thank you to everyone who assisted in many ways, but especially to Roberta Kantola for opening her home to us and Laura Kennedy who made many of the appetizers from scratch. Those amazing bacon wrapped dates? The airy mini pumpkin cheesecake? Want the recipe? You're going to have to golf with Laura Kennedy and beat it out of her.  Or see our Facebook page. ;-) Besides playing golf, our ladies can cook! The group welcomed new members as they nibbled on delicious appetizers. We were so busy visiting that it was tough to get people's attention to complete the games!  Prizes for games & a small drawing rounded out the lovely evening.
Thank you to all the volunteers that make all of our events possible, and to all for attending and making this an amazing event!

2/11/17 Los Robles

  Los Robles Recap 2/11/17  

All weekend-golfers pray for their balls to do the right thing, AND they also pray for no rain! With reported showers in Thousand Oaks the night before, and pouring rain/hail/thunder in the Valley early Sat. am, event organizers were on the phone with the golf course early to determine if they'd be open for business, because as long as they're open for play, we're under contract to hold our event. Luckily, our region has microclimates, and our day in Thousand Oaks was glorious, with not a single drop of rain! Unfortunately for the riders, we were cart-path only, but the cloud cover kept the temperature mild, with the sun having eventually come
out for most of the day! Even with the cart-path only restriction, many groups still finished in 4-1/2 hours! 
We were lovely in pink and red, as we celebrated an early Valentine's Day by enjoying holiday-themed games. Jayne Geisler and Mary Ayers split the pot for “Green of Hearts," having hit an impressive 3 out of 5 greens on the par 3s. Accurate prognosticators Carol Fishburn, Janice Kuwahara, and Holly Schroeder each correctly predicted their total putts, splitting the "Kiss My Putt" pool. Holly Schroeder and Jean Jones won closest to the pin on holes 8 & 16, respectively. The group of Sylvia Torres, Nancy Reid and Carolyn Thielman managed to "spread the love," each winning a sleeve of balls from the random drawing of the 6 groups that managed to keep their "love (ball)" alive throughout the entire round! Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all who came out to play! 

3/11/17 Membership Kickoff

Gorgeous day for our Kickoff event at DeBell on 3/11 with 36 in attendance, including 8 guests!  We also had Ryan Smith, founder of eBob Apparel, on hand to sell EWGA logo hats & visors.  Ryan is just 13 years old, son of OC member Jessie Smith. For every hat he sells, he donates $5 to the EWGA Foundation. From Saturday's proceeds of 22 hats, he will be donating $110 to the foundation.

Carol Grosvenor won a prize pack for the Match Play Pop Quiz by getting all 12 questions answered correctly.  Most people only got 6-7 correct... time to brush up on those Match Play rules! Kathy Malmfeldt won a prize pack drawing of the 3 members who brought guests to the event.
Most stayed behind for 9 holes of golf -- game of the day was a team eclectic (play your own ball, best gross score  per hole is the team's score) designed by our events director Debra. Winning team was Kathy Malmfeldt, Joyce Shelton, Faith Ford, and new member Cheronka Townsend with a team score of 39 for 9 holes. Closest to the Pin winner was Nancy Reid. (We'll get you  your prize at the next event.)

Simi Hills

A Hoppin' Good Time was had by Every-Bunny at Simi Hills!

Saturday proved to be a great day for golf once the mist cleared and the sun came out. What made the day even better were our Captains, 
Kaoru Wood and Jennifer Wilson, who provided some creative Easter-themed fun and games that were enjoyed by all, including a highly-coveted basket that was up for grabs (with the help of some cute little bunnies)!  Winners of closest to the pin on holes 4 & 17 were Debra Lissebeck and Nancy Reid, respectively. Winners of the Quota Game were Dee-Dee Carter (1st), Mitchi Shibata (2nd), Debby Christian & Barbara Trivison (tied for 3rd), and Shannon Blair & Nancy Reid (tied for 4th), who all went home with handfuls of CASH! Karen Share also went home with a fatter wallet by having the most 1-putts (9 of them! WOW!), and Roberta Kantola became the envy of the field by going home with the ADORABLE basket of goodies!
Thank you, Jennifer and Kaoru for all your hard work-A fantastic time was had by all!